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Who We Are

Who We Are

BIOFRON INC is a leading supplier of Research Chemicals with more than 10,000 products in inventory of high quality reagents. We provide customized solutions for the research industry and global life sciences worldwide. We offer a wide range of research chemicals such as new life science materials, natural extracts, target libraries, etc. We are specialized in proceeding purification and analysis of phytochemicals. We also supply numerous rare natural materials to research groups in the fields of drug, food, cosmetic and other research areas.


Malic Acid | Natural Product | Use For Acne And Anti-Aging | Biofron

Malic Acid

Malic acid is a chemical compound and occurring naturally in type of foods having chemical formula C4H605. primarily...
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Menthone | Use in Cosmetics And Anti-microbial Agent | Biofron


Menthone is basically a type of menthol having sort of minty flavor and structurally it is very much...
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Lactose | Disaccharide Sugar | White Solid | Biofron


Lactose is a disaccharide sugar having chemical formula C12H22O11 and it is composed of galactose and glucose. Lactose...
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Boldine | Eliminate Microscopic Organisms | Antioxidant | Biofron


Boldine is an alkaloid of oporphine medium that is found in a tree namely boldo and lindera aggregate....
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Kavain | Intoxicant And Depression Relieving Agent | Biofron


Kavain is an intoxicant and a main kavalactone found in kava plant roots. The word kava belongs to...
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Mannitol | Used as Sweetening Agent And as Medicine | Biofron


Mannitol is basically a form/type of sugar alcohol which is used as sweetening agent and as a medicine....
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