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Admin - September 28, 2020


Boldine | Eliminate Microscopic Organisms | Antioxidant | Biofron

Boldine is an alkaloid of oporphine medium that is found in a tree namely boldo and lindera aggregate. Boldine is an antioxidant which is an effective factor that protects against free radical induced lipid peroxidation or enzyme inactivation. In order to find free radical medicated oxidants against the progressive disease like cardiovascular disease, tumoural disease, inflammatory disease and neurodegenerative disorders the search initiated for new useful antioxidant molecules. important source of molecules was explored that are plants which are an ethno-cultural base of health promotion. Science found boldo tree whose leaves were already was being employed in folk medicine and is now widely known as herbal remedy by a number of pharmaceutical industries. As a result of this research boldine was discovered in early 90’s and its antioxidant properties was studies and proved by healthcare organizations.

Chemical Structural Formula of Boldine

CAS No. 476-70-0

    • Molecular formula: C19H21NO4
    • Molar mass: 327.37 g/mol
    • Density : 1.2223 kg/m3
    • Melting point: 162-164°C
    • Boiling point : 465.27 °C
    • synonym :

Boldine (dihydroxy-1, 10-dimethyoxy-aporphine) is a main alkaloid found in the bolda tree and in bark of Chilean boldo tree which are found in morocco and other parts of Africa, and is cultivated in Europe. The bolda tree was traditionally being used in American folk medicine, especially in Chile, Peru and Brazil for treatment of liver disease and gallbladder. It is globally known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. When it is consumed orally it shows its rapid anti-inflammatory activity. In addition, it has alpha-adrenegic antagonist activities in vascular tissue, it is also known due to its hepatoprotective, cytoprotective, and antipyretic activities. Boldine also possess neuroprotective effects due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) when consumed orally, inhibit connexin hemichannel activity in glial cells [e.g. microglia, astrocytes] and neurons without effecting gap junctional communication and reduce neural injury resulting from chronic inflammation.

Boldine is utilized for mellow gastrointestinal (GI) fits, gallstones, pain-filled joints (ailment), bladder contaminations, liver illness, and gonorrhea. It is likewise to expand pee stream to free the collection of overabundance liquids, diminish nervousness, increment bile stream, and eliminate microscopic organisms.
Boldine is utilized worldwide in homeopathic and home grown medication, and boldine extricate is broadly recognized as a suitable natural cure in a few pharmacopeias. For sure, boldine has been exhibited to have cancer prevention agent action in biologic just as nonbiologic frameworks, and it has developed as an element of extraordinary enthusiasm for its potential in the therapy of free extremist interceded harm or conditions. Boldine has been appeared to apply cytoprotective, against tumor advancing, mitigating, antidiabetic, and antiatherogenic exercises, all of which may emerge from its free revolutionary rummaging properties. This intense alkaloid likewise has been appeared to give huge pharmacologic advantage not identified with oxidative pressure, for example, antitrypanocidal, vasorelaxing, immuno-and neuromodulatory, and cholagogic and additionally choleretic action.

Pregnancy and bosom taking care of: Boldine is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when utilized orally in restorative sums during pregnancy or bosom taking care of. Synthetic compounds in boldine may hurt the hatchling. Ascaridole, a substance in boldine, can harm the liver.