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  • Brand : BIOFRON

  • Catalogue Number : BD-D0780

  • Specification : HPLC≥98%

  • CAS number : 549-21-3

  • Formula : C20H17NO5

  • Molecular Weight : 351.358

  • PUBCHEM ID : 11066

  • Volume : 20mg

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Catalogue Number


Analysis Method






Molecular Weight



White crystalline powder

Botanical Source

Alkaloid from Arcangelisia gusanlung, Berberis lambertii, other Berberis spp. and Mahonia japonica

Structure Type



Standards;Natural Pytochemical;API




8H-1,3-Benzodioxolo[5,6-a]benzo[g]quinolizin-8-one, 5,6-dihydro-9,10-dimethoxy-/8-oxoberberine/9,10-Dimethoxy-5,6-dihydro-8H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]isoquinolino[3,2-a]isoquinolin-8-one/9,10-Dimethoxy-5,6-dihydro-8H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]isoquino[3,2-a]isoquinolin-8-one/Ketoberberine/berberin-8-one/Berlambine




1.4±0.1 g/cm3


Soluble in Chloroform,Dichloromethane,Ethyl Acetate,DMSO,Acetone,etc.

Flash Point

323.6±31.5 °C

Boiling Point

611.5±55.0 °C at 760 mmHg

Melting Point




InChl Key


WGK Germany


HS Code Reference


Personal Projective Equipment

Correct Usage

For Reference Standard and R&D, Not for Human Use Directly.

Meta Tag

provides coniferyl ferulate(CAS#:549-21-3) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of coniferyl ferulate are included as well.>> amp version: coniferyl ferulate

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Phosphoinositide 3-kinase gamma isoform (PI3Kγ) plays a critical role in myeloid-derived cells of the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. IPI-549, a recently discovered small molecule selective PI3Kγ inhibitor, is currently under immuno-oncology clinical trials in combination with nivolumab, an anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody immune checkpoint blocker. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether IPI-549 could reverse P-glycoprotein (P-gp) mediated MDR when combined with chemotherapeutic substrates of P-gp. Cytotoxicity assays showed that IPI-549 reverses P-gp-mediated MDR in SW620/Ad300 and LLC-PK-MDR1 cells. IPI-549 increases the amount of intracellular paclitaxel and inhibits the efflux of paclitaxel out of SW620/Ad300 cells. ABCB1-ATPase assay showed that IPI-549 stimulates the activity of ABCB1-ATPase. IPI-549 does not alter the expression and does not affect the subcellular localization of P-gp in SW620/Ad300 cells. The combination of IPI-549 with paclitaxel showed that IPI-549 potentiates the anti-tumor effects of paclitaxel in P-gp-overexpressing MDR SW620/Ad300 xenograft tumors. With clinical trials beginning to add newly approved immune checkpoint-based immunotherapy into standard-of-care immunogenic chemotherapy to improve patient outcomes, our findings support the rationale of adding IPI-549 to both the chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic aspects of cancer combination treatment strategies.


ABCB1 transporter, P-glycoprotein, Combination chemotherapy, Multidrug resistance, IPI-549, Immune checkpoint


Immuno-oncology agent IPI-549 is a modulator of P-glycoprotein (P-gp, MDR1, ABCB1)-mediated multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer: in vitro and in vivo


Albert A. De Vera,#a Pranav Gupta,#a Zining Lei,a Dan Liao,a Silpa Narayanan,a Qiuxu Teng,a Sandra E. Reznik,a,b and Zhe-Sheng Chena

Publish date

2020 Feb 1.


Abstracts from the 3rd Conference on Aneuploidy and Cancer: Clinical and Experimental Aspects Berkeley, CA, USA. 26 - 29 January 2017


Athel Cornish-Bowden,corresponding author1 Athel Cornish-Bowden,corresponding author2 David Rasnick,corresponding author3 Henry H. Heng,corresponding author4 Steven Horne,4 Batoul Abdallah,4 Guo Liu,4 Christine J. Ye,5 Mathew Bloomfield,corresponding author6,7 Mark D. Vincent,corresponding author8 C. Marcelo Aldaz,corresponding author9 Jenny Karlsson,10 Anders Valind,10 Caroline Jansson,10 David Gisselsson,corresponding author10,11,12 Jennifer A. Marshall Graves,corresponding author13 Aleksei A. Stepanenko,corresponding author14 Svitlana V. Andreieva,14 Kateryna V. Korets,14 Dmytro O. Mykytenko,14 Nataliya L. Huleyuk,15 Vladimir P. Baklaushev,16 Oksana A. Kovaleva,17 Vladimir P. Chekhonin,18,19 Yegor S. Vassetzky,20 Stanislav S. Avdieiev,14 Bjorn Bakker,21 Aaron S. Taudt,21 Mirjam E. Belderbos,21,23 David Porubsky,21 Diana C. J. Spierings,21 Tristan V. de Jong,21 Nancy Halsema,21 Hinke G. Kazemier,21 Karina Hoekstra-Wakker,21 Allan Bradley,22 Eveline S. J. M. de Bont,23 Anke van den Berg,24 Victor Guryev,21 Peter M. Lansdorp,21,25,26 Maria Colome Tatche,21,25,27 Floris Foijer,corresponding author21 Thomas Liehr,corresponding author28 Nicolaas C. Baudoin,29 Joshua M. Nicholson,29 Kimberly Soto,29 Isabel Quintanilla,30 Jordi Camps,30 Daniela Cimini,corresponding author29 M. Durrbaum,corresponding author31,32 N. Donnelly,31 V. Passerini,31 C. Kruse,31 B. Habermann,32 Z. Storchova,31,33 Daniele Mandrioli,corresponding author34 Fiorella Belpoggi,34 Ellen K Silbergeld,35 Melissa J Perry,36 Rolf I. Skotheim,corresponding author37,38 Marthe Løvf,37,38 Bjarne Johannessen,37,38 Andreas M. Hoff,37,38 Sen Zhao,37,38 Jonas M. SveeStrømme,37,38 Anita Sveen,37,38 Ragnhild A. Lothe,37,38 R. Hehlmann,corresponding author39 A. Voskanyan,39 A. Fabarius,39 Alfred Bocking,corresponding author40 Stefan Biesterfeld,41 Leonid Berynskyy,42 Christof Borgermann,43 Rainer Engers,44 Josef Dietz,45 A. Fritz,corresponding author46 N. Sehgal,47 J. Vecerova,48 B. Stojkovicz,49 H. Ding,49 N. Page,46 C. Tye,46 S. Bhattacharya,50 J. Xu,49 G. Stein,46 J. Stein,46 R. Berezney,47 Xue Gong,51,52 Sarah Grasedieck,51,52 Julian Swoboda,51,52 Frank G. Rucker,52 Lars Bullinger,52 Jonathan R. Pollack,corresponding author51 Fani-Marlen Roumelioti,53 Maria Chiourea,53 Christina Raftopoulou,53 Sarantis Gagos,corresponding author53 Peter Duesberg,corresponding author54 Mat Bloomfield,54,55 Sunyoung Hwang,56 Hans Tobias Gustafsson,56 Ciara O’Sullivan,56 Aracelli Acevedo-Colina,56 Xinhe Huang,57 Christian Klose,58 Andrej Schevchenko,58 Robert C. Dickson,57 Paola Cavaliere,59 Noah Dephoure,59 Eduardo M. Torres,corresponding author56 Martha R. Stampfer,corresponding author60,61 Lukas Vrba,61 Mark A. LaBarge,60,62 Bernard Futscher,61 James C. Garbe,60 Yi-Hong Zhou,corresponding author63 Andrew L. Trinh,64 Yi-Hong Zhou,65 and Michelle Digmancorresponding author64

Publish date



ESICM LIVES 2016: part two Milan, Italy. 1-5 October 2016

Publish date

2016 Sep 29

Description :

Berlambine is a natural alkaloid isolated from many plants[1].