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Mogroside V


  • Brand : BIOFRON

  • Catalogue Number : BF-M1007

  • Specification : 98%

  • CAS number : 88901-36-4

  • Formula : C60H102O29

  • Molecular Weight : 1287.44

  • PUBCHEM ID : 24721270

  • Volume : 20mg

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Catalogue Number


Analysis Method






Molecular Weight



White crystalline powder

Botanical Source

Siraitia grosvenorii

Structure Type



Standards;Natural Pytochemical;API




MomordicagrosvenoriSwingleP.E/Mogroside Ⅴ/groside V/Momordica Extract/MogrosideV/β-D-Glucopyranoside, (1R,4R)-4-[(3β,9β,10α,11α,17β)-3-[(6-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy]-11-hydroxy-4,4,9,14-tetramethylestr-5-en-17-yl]-1-(1-hydroxy-1-methylet hyl)pentyl O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->2)-O-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->6)]-/(1S,4R,9β,11α,24R)-1-{[6-O-(β-D-Glucopyranosyl)-β-D-glucopyranosyl]oxy}-11,25-dihydroxy-9,10,14-trimethyl-4,9-cyclo-9,10-secocholest-5-en-24-yl β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->2)-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->6)]-β-D-glucopyranoside/β-D-glucopyranoside, (1R,4R)-4-[(3β,9β,10α,11α,17β)-3-[(6-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy]-11-hydroxy-4,4,9,14-tetramethylestr-5-en-17-yl]-1-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)pentyl O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->2)-O-[β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->6)]-/Mogroside V/Luo Han Guo PE/MOGROSIDE V(P)/Momordica grosvenori swingle/Momordica grosvenori/(1S,4R,9β,11α,24R)-1-{[6-O-(β-D-Glucopyranosyl)-β-D-glucopyranosyl]oxy}-11,25-dihydroxy-9,10,14-trimethyl-4,9-cyclo-9,10-secocholest-5-en-24-yl β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1->2)-[β-D-glucop yranosyl-(1->;6)]-β-D-glucopyranoside




1.5±0.1 g/cm3


Methanol; Water

Flash Point

Boiling Point

Melting Point


InChl Key

WGK Germany


HS Code Reference


Personal Projective Equipment

Correct Usage

For Reference Standard and R&D, Not for Human Use Directly.

Meta Tag

provides coniferyl ferulate(CAS#:88901-36-4) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc. Articles of coniferyl ferulate are included as well.>> amp version: coniferyl ferulate




Postovulatory ageing compromises oocyte quality and subsequent development in various manners. We aimed to assay the protective effects of mogroside V on porcine oocyte quality during in vitro ageing and explore the related causes. We observed that mogroside V can effectively maintain normal oocyte morphology and early embryo development competence after prolonged culture for 24 h. Moreover, mogroside V can markedly reduce reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels, alleviate spindle formation and chromosome alignment abnormalities, improve mitochondrial contents, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels and the membrane potential (ΔΨm), and reduce early apoptosis in aged oocytes. We examined the molecular changes and found that SIRT1 expression was decreased in in vitro aged oocytes but was maintained by exposure to mogroside V. However, when SIRT1 was successfully inhibited by the specific inhibitor EX-527, mogroside V could not reduce ROS levels or alleviate abnormal spindle organization and chromosome misalignment. In summary, our results demonstrated that mogroside V can alleviate the deterioration of oocyte quality during in vitro ageing, possibly by reducing oxidative stress through SIRT1 upregulation.


ROS; SIRT1; embryo development; mogroside V; oocyte ageing in vitro


Mogroside V protects porcine oocytes from in vitro ageing by reducing oxidative stress through SIRT1 upregulation.


Nie J1,2, Sui L1,2, Zhang H1,2, Zhang H1,2, Yan K1,2, Yang X1,2, Lu S1,2, Lu K1,2, Liang X1,2.

Publish date

2019 Oct 6




Diabetes Mellitus (DM) accelerates progress of lung cancer. Hyperglycemia, a critical feature of DM, promotes lung cancer metastasis. Mogroside V is a triterpenoid glycoside from Siraitia grosvenorii. Interestingly, mogroside V not only plays an anti-diabetic role, but also has anti-tumor effects.

In this study, we investigated the metastatic efficiency of mogroside V in lung cancer cells cultured in hyperglycemia.

Two lung cancer cell lines-A549 and H1299 were cultured in normoglycemia (5.5mM glucose) and hyperglycemia (25mM glucose). Cellular proliferation was tested by MTT, invasion was examined by transwell assay, migration was measured by wound healing assay, cytoskeleton was stained by Phalloidin-TRITC and the expressions of EMT markers and Rho-GTPase family protein were detected by western blot.

Hyperglycemia promoted the invasion and migration of A549 and H1299 cells compared with normoglycemia. Mogroside V inhibited the hyperglycemia-induced invasion and migration. Hyperglycemia promoted epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), while mogroside V could reverse this process through up-regulating E-Cadherin expression and down-regulating N-Cadherin, Vimentin, Snail expressions. Furthermore, mogroside V fractured microfilaments and reduced Rho A, Rac1, Cdc42 and p-PAK1 expressions under hyperglycemic conditions.

These results suggest that mogroside V inhibits hyperglycemia-induced lung cancer cells migration and invasion through reversing EMT and damaging cytoskeleton.

Copyright© Bentham Science Publishers; For any queries, please email at epub@benthamscience.net.


EMT; Mogroside V; cytoskeleton; hyperglycemia; lung cancer; metastasis.


Mogroside V Inhibits Hyperglycemia-induced Lung Cancer Cells Metastasis through Reversing EMT and Damaging Cytoskeleton.


Chen J1,2, Jiao D2, Li Y2, Jiang C2, Tang X2, Song J2, Chen Q1,2.

Publish date





Mogroside V, a natural compound isolated from the fruits of Siraitia grosvenorii (Swingle), is a promising candidate for anti-diabetic activity. The present study aims to develop a simple and practical strategy for comparing the in vivo metabolite profiling of mogroside V in healthy and type 2 diabetic (T2D) model rats. In this paper, a highly sensitive and rapid ultra-performance liquid chromatography/quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC-Q-TOF/MS) with MetaboLynx™ software combined with mass defect filtering (MDF) method was established and successfully applied to detect and identify the metabolites in plasma, urine, bile and feces samples of healthy and model rats administrated with mogroside V. The distribution of metabolites in plasma, bile, urine and feces of healthy and model rats had obvious differences. A total of 23 metabolites were observed in healthy rats while 26 metabolites were detected in model rats. The results indicated that dehydrogenation, deoxidation, oxidation and isomerization were the major metabolic transformations of mogroside V. Additionally, it was noticed that the peak areas of metabolites in T2D rat plasma samples were much larger than those of metabolites in healthy rat plasma sample, whereas in T2D rat urine samples they were remarkably smaller compared with healthy rat urine sample. These high blood concentrations of metabolites might be beneficial for the treatment of T2D. The results of this study are valuable and important in understanding the metabolic process and therapeutic mechanism of mogroside V.

Copyright © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Comparative metabolism; Mass spectrometry; Mogroside V; Siraitia grosvenorii Swingle; Type 2 diabetes


The metabolism of a natural product mogroside V, in healthy and type 2 diabetic rats.


Zhou G1, Zhang Y1, Li Y1, Wang M1, Li X2.

Publish date

2018 Mar 15

Description :

Mogroside V, a triterpenoid glycoside isolated from the extracts of Luo Han Guo, is a nonsugar sweetener. Mogroside V is nearly 300 times sweeter than sucrose. Mogrosides exhibit antioxidant, antidiabetic and anticancer activities. Mogrosides are sweeter than sucrose[1].